Thursday, July 10, 2008

Northbound BNSF Railway light engine movement. Hawthorne Junction. Chicago / Cicero Illinois. June 2008.

A four unit set of BNSF Railway EMD roadswitchers, are seen approaching the
Canadian National ex Illinois Central -Iowa Division Mainline crosstracks at
Hawthorne Junction on a hot summer afternoon in June of 2008. These engines
are traveling northbound over the Belt Railway of Chicago trackage returning
to the BNSF Railway's nearby Clyde Yard in west suburban Cicero Illinois, after
departing the Belt Railway of Chicago -Clearing Yard in Bedford Park Illinois.
Hawthorne Junction is located at the Chicago city limits, at the border of Cicero.


Anthony C said...

Hey, that picture looks familiar. Are you sure you didn't steal it out of my camera? ha ha

Welcome back.

Eddie said...

Thanks Anthony!
Good to hear from You.
That last on location
railfan photo shoot that
we went on was fun!
I thought about doing one
sometime on the BRC at
West 67th Street.

Thank You.

Shira said...

I couldn't find a "contact us" link at BNSF's website, so I'm writing here. I find the ride from Union Station to Aurora becoming more uncomfortable each week. It impossible to do any writing or needlework because the train jolts back and forth. Also, the temperature is set too low - many riders are wearing coats and scarves! Can you get a msg. to BSNF with these concerns?
Aurora, IL

Eddie said...

Hello Shira.
I wish that I could help
You more, but I can't.

I am not a "Railroad Official", but
rather a "Railfan". A railfan is a lot like a "Sportsfan", or a fan of Movie Stars, TV shows , etc.
I have loved trans going back to
My own childhood. My interest in railroad and historical subjects grew as I became a young adult.

I wanted to pursue a career with the railroads, or other facets of the transportation industry. I never became a career railroader, because of hiring freezes, hard economic times, or the fact that most of the time...You have to have a friend or relative working for one to be able to help You find a job in the railroad field.

I still enjoy trains, and now I photograph and document them around the greater Chicagolland area.

Railfans are hobbyists, and historians.

Thanks anyway.
Eddie K.