Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Grand Trunk Western Elsdon train station on West 51st Street. Chicago Illinois USA. October 1983. ( Gone.)

The 1888 built Grand Trunk Western Elsdon depot. Chicago Illinois USA. October 1983.

Ever since the begining of Eddie's Railfan Page back in Febuary of 2006, one
of the all time most talked about and most requested photos seen here, is
this one I took in October of 1983 on the southwest side of the city of Chicago Illinois in the Elsdon neighborhood.

I visited the Grand Trunk Western Railroad Elsdon Yard on West 51st Street just east of South Lawndale Avenue, on a lovely Autum afternoon in early October of 1983. Recent rumors were circulating amongst local Chicago railfans, that the GTW was in the process of closing Elsdon Yard. Their switching and locomotive servicing would soon be handled at the Belt Railway of Chicago Clearing Yard in Bedford Park Illinois. I began My "True" railfanning with a camera in hand in early 1983, just prior to the closing of Elsdon Yard.

I was informed that afternoon by various railroad crew members, that this was
the last week of operation at Elsdon Yard, and to take My photos now before it
was too late. I always adored the beautiful victorian architecture of the Elsdon depot wich was built in 1888. The Elsdon depot was demolished in November of 1983.
this was My last look at this lovely building. I still miss it today.

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Anthony C said...

I spent many enjoyable hours on the bench seen in the lower right of your photo. Elsdon was our local train yard and my dad would take me there in early summer evenings after he got off work. Eventually, I would ride my bike there and drop it on the ground right in front of that bench, sometimes being brave enough to go in the door for a drink of water. The water fountain was right inside the door and I'd sneak a few extra seconds to look at the guys at work.

Thanks for posting that nice shot again.