Friday, December 31, 2010

Chicago's famous Giordano's Pizza. Morton Grove Illinois USA. December 2010.

One of My personal favorites amongst the many Chicago Style Pizzeria restaurants in the greater Chicagoland area, is none other than Giordano's.

I discovered Giordano's Pizzeria for the first time, way back in 1979.
Back in thise days, they used to have one below street leval at a southside Chicago location on West 63rd Street just west of South Kedzie Avenue. Thir Chicago Style deep dish and thin crust pizza was always very hearty and savory.

Prior to My discovery of Giordano's Pizzeria in 1979, they had just recently moved from their original location at West 63rd Street and South California Avenue just east of the location I originally dined at.

This is their north suburban Morton Grove Illinois location at the intersection of Austin Avenue and Dempster Street.

Eddie K.

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