Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Transit 2008 Ford paratransit bus # 5157. Des Plaines Illinois. August 2010.

I am currently pursuing a career as a Paratransit driver.

Seen here is First Transit 2008 Ford paratransit bus # 5157, wich is the bus I am assigned to drive most of the time. It is a nice, modern and very good running bus. My passengers and I ride in comfort, and sometimes get a little spoiled by it. When this bus has to go to the mechanic's garage for occasional servicing and I am temporarilly assigned another vechicle....My passengers will often ask Me...
"Where is bus 5157 today Eddie?"

I enjoy being a Paratransit driver. It is a rewarding career for Me, as I have the opportunity to assist the elderly, handicapped and special needs people.

Eddie K.

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