Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I was born in the city of Chicago Illinois during the year of 1962.

One of My happy childhood memories growing up in the city of Chicago back then, was actually seeing and riding the Chicago Transit Authority's electric powered trolley buses during their final years of operation on Chicago's city streets.

The Chicago Transit Authority, decided to begin phasing out the electric trolley buses during the late 1950's. The last CTA electric trolley buses that were purchased new, was an order for 300 from the Marmon Herrington Corporation in 1951.
The bus in this photo, was from that order.

I can now vaguelly recall during the late 1960's and early 70's...that sights like this one of a red CTA International Harvester wrecker truck towing a disabled electric trolley bus, were starting to become quiete common. I can actually recall seing this happen occasionaly on the CTA Route #53 Pulaski Road and the Route #52 Kedzie / California Avenue lines.

The Chicago Transit Authority phased out the remaining electric trolley bus lines out for good on Sunday, March 25th, 1973. The last two that operated on that day, are preserved and occasionally operated today at The Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois. www.irm.org

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