Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A rare black and white working photograph of Tuskegee Railroad # 101 during the 1940's. This locomotive is preserved today at the Illinois Railway Museum located in Union Illinois.

There is nothing like finding an "Extremely Rare" photograph at a local flea market, of a steam locomotive You have seen either operating or preserved on display firsthand at a railroad museum.

I bought this photo at one of those Swap O Rama flea markets on the southwest side of Chicago during the late 1980's. Seen here, is a rare in service black and white photo of Tuskegee Railroad 2 -6-2 steam locomotive # 101 taken during the 1940's.

After retirement, Tuskegee Railroad # 101 had pulled steam tourist trains at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois during the 1970's thru 1986. It was later taken out of service and has been stripped for an eventual mechanical overhaul. It has yet to return to service.

For more information on Tuskegee Railroad steam locomotive # 101 or other exhibits and artifacts at the Illinois Railway Museum. Log on to

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