Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I spotted this photo at My link page Fallen Flags.Org to the right of Your computer screen.

Some of the most unique color schemes I had seen on 1960's era EMD 2nd generation roadswitchers, were those utilized by the pre 1972 Illinois Central Gulf predecessor railroad Gulf, Mobile & Ohio.

Although this photo is only listed as saying April 1969, it shows the unique styling applied by the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio during the 1960's. Eventually, this was replaced by a brigt red and white G,M & O color scheme.

Several ex G,M & O locomotives in both the black and white and later red and white color schemes, headed up several Illinois Central Gulf trains in to the mid 1980's.
The ICG decided to reorganize around this time, and go back to utilizing the old Illinois Central name and use a new variation of their old black and white color scheme.

The Illinois Central became a fallen flag railroad in 1999, when it was purchased and acquired through merger by the Canadian National.

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