Thursday, January 06, 2011

Being a local Chicago area railfan Myself, there is nothing quiete as finding an old photo from decades ago photographed at
a place I have come to know and enjoy hanging out at today.

Hawthorne Junction, located at the Chicago city limits border by Cicero
Illinois, has appeared numerous times here at Eddie's Railfan Page in
past postings.

I found this extremely "Rare" steam era photograph taken at Hawthorne Junction,
at My link page Yesteryear Depot to the right of Your computer screen.

It is a sunny October 14th, 1938 day.
An 0-8-0 steam locomotive switcher from the Illinois Central's own Chicago
subsidiary shortline railroad Chicago & Illinois Western, is viewed working
at the small yard east of the Hawthorne Junction crosstracks, on the Chicago
side of the city limits border.

I have been to Hawthorne Junction numerous times in recent years, and have
always wondered what this place must have been like back in the steam era.

Thank You Yestreryear Depot!

Eddie K.

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