Saturday, January 15, 2011

Belt Railway 0-8-0 at Sweethome Chicago

I spotted this model railroad video on You Tube today.

Being born and raised on the southwest side of Chicago Myself, I eventually
spent a considerable amount of time railfanning the Belt Railway of Chicago.
I even unsuccessfully applied for work at the BRC in 1985. I was turned away. Oh well.

The Belt Railway of Chicago retired and scrapped the last of their steam locomotives
by the year of 1952. After spending hours trackside on location at Hayford Junction,
The BRC West 68th Street Wye, Cragin Junction, Hawthorne Junction, Nerska Junction
and Clearing Yard near Chicago's Midway Airport...I often wondered how the BRC
transfer freight trains looked like during the steam era.

Thanks to the modeler who posted this video on You Tube, I can see that not much
has changed on the BRC. The BRC is 100 percent "Freight Only", and todays trains
still travel at slow speeds with heavy tonnage in tow.

Eddie K.

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