Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Central Illinois Railroad EMD SW 1200 yard switcher # 1209. Chicago Illinois USA. March 2011.

I took this photo earlier this year back in March.

The Central Illinois Railroad, was leasing the BNSF Railway "Lumberyard District" industrial branchline in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood, but decided to discontinue service on this line in 2010 due to low traffic levals and profitability.

Apparently...the BNSF Railway must be leasing their EMD SW 1200 yard switchers, to service what remaining traffic is on this line.

This EMD SW 1200 yard switcher # 1209, is parked inside a chain link fence enclosure, at what was the Central Illinois Railroad's modest locomotive storage facility.

Being kept outdoors, the locomotive smokestacks are kept covered between uses, to prevent rain and snow from entering and damaging the engine block.

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