Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The former Chicago & Illinois Western / Illinois Central Crawford Yard closed and abandoned. Chicago Illinois USA. August 2011.

The times are changing for railfanning on the near southwest side of Chicago.

This was the site of Crawford Yard at approximately West 34th Street and South Kostner Avenue in Chicago Illinois, just east of the border at nearby west suburban Cicero Illinois.

Although Crawford Yard was a small little train yard used by the Illinois Central Railroad's own Chicago subsidiary line known as the Chicago & Illinois Western Railroad, this little yard was active a few years ago by the succesor Caadian National Railroad. It was used primarilly for sorting tank cars for an industry west of Cicero Avenue at Pershing Road onthe former C & I, W industrial branchline.

I have the idea that maybe much CN traffic has been diverted to the former Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railroad that the CN acquired through merger in 2009.

It was nice while it lasted here. R.I.P

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