Friday, August 05, 2011

I found this historic Third Avenue Railway electric streetcar photograph from New York City, at My Link page "Dave's Electric Railroads", located to the right of Your computer screen at

For many years on the North American east coast, the electric city streetcars of New York City's Third Avenue Railway, provided dependable transit service in downtown Manhattan, The Bronx and Yonkers to name a few places in the New York City area.

Photographer Joseph Testagrose, captured the classic images of the Third Avenue Railway in color, during the final years of Third Avenue Railway's electric streetcar operations in the Big Apple many years ago.

After World War 2 had ended in 1945, the Third Avenue Railway shipped several of their used electric streetcars to war damaged Vienna Austria to help in the city's reconstruction. A few of these have been preserved overseas, as well as a few here in North America at a small handful of trolley museums.

The Third Avenue Railway, definately had a very recognizable, tastful and striking color schheme back in the day.

Eddie K.

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