Friday, August 12, 2011

The old muddy crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction. Chicago / Cicero Illinois USA. August 2011.

With many years of repeated movements of heavy slow moving transfer freight trains crossing these diamonds 24 -7, the very muddy and worn out crosstracks at Hawthorne Junction, will soon be replaced with new ones.

Outr of view behind the photographer (Me), is a brand new set of prefabricated panel crosstrack sections, that will be installed soon by the Belt Railway of Chicago.

Hawthorne Junction, is located directly on the Chicago city limits border. The east side of the north and south Belt Railway of Chicago tracks, is the city of Chicago Illinois, while the west side is the west suburban village of Cicero Illinois. The east and west tracks, are the Canadian National ex Illinois Central Railroad / Iowa Division Mainline tracks.

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