Thursday, September 06, 2012

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad # 9900 the Pioneer Zephyr. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. August 1984.

I took this photograph way back in August of 1984.

Seen here in the backyard of the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry on outdoor display, are the 1934 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad's Pioneer Zephyr short streamlined passenger train, and the captured World War 2 German submarine U 505.

Since the time of this photograph, the museum has moved the U 505 submarine and the C,B & Q Pioneer Zephyr train underground to indoor storage. The New York Central 4-4-0 steam locomotive # 999 which was also displayed in the backyard, was moved in recent years to the inside of the museum. The museum's other outdoor displayed steam locomotive, Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad 4-8-4 steam locomotive # 2903, is now on display at the Illinois Ralway Museum in Union Illinois.

When I took this photograph back in 1984, these artifacts were already showing the effects of weathering and rust from Chicago's not so kind winter weather.

Eddie K.

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