Wednesday, September 12, 2012

lourdes Catholic girls high school. Chicago Illinois. August 1987.

I took this photograph way back in August of 1987.

Seen here is the former Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic all girl high school in Chicago's Westlawn neighborhood near Midway Airport.

My English class at nearby Curie High School wasn't very kind to me one year, and I needed to make up a half a credit attending summer school here at Lourdes, back in July of 1979.

I not only did well here, but I also have a few happy memories of attending summer school here back in 1979. My favorite memory, was our english teacher taking us outside to the garden near West 55th Street, and having our class room session on the lawn during a lovely and very sunny day.

Time has since marched on, and the Catholic Archdiosis of Chicago eventually closed this school. Today it is now the John Hancock High School, which I believe is owned by the Chicago Public Schools.

Eddie K.

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