Friday, July 06, 2007

Chicago Surface Lines 1904 built electric streetcar at the Electric Park trolley flagstop. The Illinois Railway Museum. Union Illinois USA. 2006.

I took this photo on an August 2006 Family visit, to the Illinois Railway Museum located in Union Illinois. One of the many attractions on the museum property, is this demonstration trolley loop that encircles the immediate museum grounds. Seen here on the east end of the trolley loop, is a restored Chicago city streetcar from 1904. Chicago Surface Lines # 1374, was built by the St. Louis Car Company for the Chicago City Railway Company in 1904, and was used in passenger trolley service untill approximately 1945. It spent the rest of it's working days as a Maintenance Department -work service car. It is now fully restored and operating at the museum.


tlee169 said...

These ran on 63rd Street into the 1950's some turned back at Cicero and half went on to Central Avenue and then out 63 Place where there is still a parkway to Naraganset.

Eddie said...

It's too bad that I was born too late to see this in service firsthand. It must have been nice.

I was born in 1962, and did enjoy and experience the electric trolley buses, the old look 1950's GM, and the Twin Coach propane buses in their final years of operation in Chicago. I miss them.

I love streetcars and buses too.

Thank You.