Friday, July 06, 2007

Stocking up on those summer soft drinks.

Hello everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page.
I took this photo at work recently, as I do work as an outside sales representative in the soft drink business. I built this large display of Berghoff Root Beer -Green River -and Dog N Suds flavored 32 oz sodas, at the Butera Food Store at 4411 North Cumberland in northwest suburban Norridge Illinois.

The sales traffic on these products is so great, that the stores manager requested an extra shelf on these normally 4 shelf plastic display racks. These are very flavorfull and refreshing local Chicago area brand soft drinks. Try them.
I think that You will enjoy them. Green River has been a local Chicago favorite since 1919.


lapstrake said...

Since 1919???

I thought John Fogerty wrote that in 1969??

anthony c said...

Ahhh, just the thing to quench our thirst at the Monday night slide show!

Eddie said...

Hi Tom!
Ah, I see that You are also a fan of the music group Credence Clearwater Revival. I loved them since I was a kid, and I play several of there songs on the guitar too. I saw John Fogerty in concert at Poplar Creek in 1986.

The Green River that He sang about, could have been Green River Wyoming. ( There is such a place.) could have been a ficticious Green River, kind of like Hooterville on TV's Petticoat Juction. Who knows. Great song anyway.

Thank You.

Eddie said...

Hi Anthony!
Whats up buddy?
I liked Green River going back to My childhood during the 1960's.
Just recently, I met an older Chicagoan in public, and He told Me that He loved visiting Riverview Park, as they sold green River soda at the midway concession stands at the park.

Now I work for the company. Cool!

Thank You.

lapstrake said...

I am aware of a Green River in Kentucky. It's near Cave City and waters from it carved the world famous Mammoth Cave the world's longest cave system over 300 miles of passages. I also noticed a Green River Lakes Campground in Wyoming. One web page has it linked to CCR. So you might be right!

Who knows, it's a good song anyway.