Friday, December 03, 2010

Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad electric interurban train at an unknown location on the Skokie Valley Mainline.

I found this photo at My link page Dave's Electric Railroads to the right of Your computer screen.

Seen here at an unknown location in Chicago's far north suburbs, is an electric interurban train from the now long gone Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee Railroad. This railroad offered daily high speed passenger service between Chicago Illinois and Milwaukee Wisconsin, until the lines abandoonement due to bankruptcy in January of 1963.

The lead car, is painted inthe North Shore's modern "Silverliner" color scheme, wich was introduced in the year of 1950. The horizontal currogated looking stripes along the car sides, are actually painted on to look like modern streamliner staineless steel fluting.

Preserved examples of Chicago, North Shore And Milwaukee silverliner cars, can be seen today at The Fox River Trolley Museum in South Elgin Illinois, and The Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois.

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