Monday, December 06, 2010

Hello everyone!

Welcome aboard the "Bus Day" edition of Eddie's Railfan Page.

In recent postings, I reported that I had been seriously injured in an early morning auto accident enroute to My job on Monday, November 15th, 2010. I sustained 4 fractured ribs and a small hole in My left lung. It has been a very painful experience for Me, and I am lucky to have survived the accident, after an eastbound motorist had failed to stop at a stop sign, and struck My driver's side door. My car was totaled!

I am here to report some good news today.
After being off of work for nearly a month, I am healing very nicely.
I am in less pain, and have largely stopped using My walking cane.
After a few Doctors appointments recently, it looks like I just may be returning to work next week.

I am looking foreward to resuming My career as a Paratransit Driver soon.

Eddie K.


Menutia said...

Good to hear you are on the mend. Now, I have to go catch up with all of these updates!

Tom Gill said...

Its great to hear you are almost back to normal!

Dennis Madia said...

Great news Eddie, glad you are up and about and ready to get back to it.

Eddie said...

Thanks everyone!
Those kind words of support mean a lot. It has been a very painful time for Me.

You are all wonderful people.

Eddie K.