Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A compact 3 wheel tight manuevering snowplow tractor with a enclosed cab. Chicago Illinois. April 2014.

Well folks, Chicago's notorious extended polar vortex winter of 2014 has finally
come to a close. Chicago is now finally entering the much welcomed springtime
season once again. A few pieces of the equipment used during the recent winter
struggle, are now parked for the season at various locations around the windy city.
I spotted this well used ad unique compact 3 wheeled snow plow tractor with a much
appreciated enclosed cab, along North Harlem Avenue near West Addison Street, In the 
driveway of a local muffler and auto repair shop.
When I was attending Chicago's Curie High School on the southwest side of the city
from 1977 to 1981, I seem to recall that the school's maintenance crew had a similar
red enclosed cab compact three wheel snowplow tractor like this, and I remember
that it got a real "Work Out" during Chicago's infamous blizzard of 1979.
Eddie K.

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