Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Your host and photographer Eddie K enjoying a lunchtime outdoor roller blading session at West Park. Des Plaines Illinois. Monday, April 7th, 014.

Yaaa-aaaay! Woo Hoo!  The snow and ice of Chicago's extended Polar Vortex winter of 2014
have finally melted. Springtime is once again upon the greater Chicagoland area, and now
it's time for some long overdue (and healthy) outdoor exercise fun activities.
One of my favorite activities I enjoy doing, is visiting some of the local Chicago area city parks,
and spending time roller blading on most any available skate or exercise path. It is a good heart
healthy workout, and I often feel like a "Million Bucks" after I do this. Most of my working time
is spent behind the steering wheel of the bus I drive in traffic.
Exercise does make a difference!
Eddie K.

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