Monday, April 21, 2014

The old Woolworth's Department Store at the northeast corner of West 111th Street and South Kedzie Avenue in Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood. Chicago Illinois. April 1988. (Gone - demolished.)

Hi everyone!  This is Eddie K, your host and photographer here at Eddie's Railfan Page.
I grew up on the southwest side of Chicago, and spent much time shopping, dining and -
walking through Chicago's Mount Greenwood neighborhood during the 1980's.
The intersection of South Kedzie Avenue and West 111th Street, was almost a 2nd home
to me, as I enjoyed hopping the Chicago Transit Authority's Route # 52A /  South Kedzie
bus here in the days before I owned my first car, or occasionally riding my trusty 12
speed mountain bike here as well. Mount Greenwood was a neighborhood of several
happy memories for me. I used to dine at the "kings Row Restaurant" located at the
northwest corner of West 111th Street and South Kedzie Avenue, which unfortunately
was demolished by the mid 1980's, and replaced by a Walgreens drug Store. I also used
to dine at the popular Wonderburger at 11011 South Kedzie Avenue which had closed
recently, and also the Unicorn Restaurant on West 111th Street near South Christiana Ave.
One of my favorite places I used to love shopping at, was the classic old neighborhood
Woolworth's department Store at the northeast corner of South Kedzie Avenue and West
111th Street. This was usually the first place I visited after disembarking from the CTA bus.
I recall that this Woolworth's like many before it, featured a nice and inexpensive sit down
lunch counter. This unfortunately, was phased out around 1983. Woolworth's continued
as a local discount store, until the chain went defunct in 1997, and was liquidated.
I believe that this neighborhood landmark, was demolished shortly after the Woolworth's
chain of stores had officially gone out of business. Today this is the site of a diagonal
mini mall, with a Rosatti's Pizza and a convenience store.
I took this photograph way back in April of 1988, and boy was I ever glad that I did!
Eddie K.