Thursday, April 03, 2014

Retired Grand Trunk Western Railroad 2-6-0 steam locomotive # 1008 on display at Morrisburg Ontario Canada. November 1962. Frank Smeltzer photograph.

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The year is 1962, and the steam era had recently ended on the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, and
the Canadian parent company Canadian National Railroad. Diesel electric locomotives have already replaced these classic coal burning steam locomotives in daily service, beginning during the 1950's.

Although many railroads had scrapped many if not all of their steam locomotives, the Canadian National and the U.S affiliate Grand Trunk Western Railroad, had actually set aside many for -display and preservation at various local city parks, and at operating railroad museums.  GTW
steam locomotive # 1008 shown here, was photographed shortly after being placed on display in the town of Morrisburg Ontario Canada.

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