Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The 73rd Avenue railroad crossing up close. Elmwood Park Illinois USA. May 2009.

The 73rd Avenue railroad crossing up close. Elmwood Park Illinois, May 2009.

I took this photo after work one evening in May of 2009. This is an up close view of the backside of the flashing light housing on one of the crossing signals, at the Metra / Canadian Pacific 73rd Avenue railroad crossing in the suburban village of Elmwood Park Illinois. A nice detailed shot often un noticed by most people.


Anonymous said...

Say there, Eddie, what about the 29 horrendous crashes at the Grand Ave. crossing in Elmwood Park in the last 30 years? I assisted WMAQ TV in their investigation in 2006. It's OK with me if you want to be a "railfan", but the real history of the railroads in America is one of death and injury---to employees, passengers and the motoring public. Are you familiar with what was posted in many locomotives in the 1800's? It went like this, "Uphill slow, Downhill fast, Tonnage first, Safety last." Now, why would train crew place such a saying in their locomotives? SAFETY LAST!!!??? See what I'm saying about the RR industry? Instead of foaming about choo choo trains, maybe you could exert a little energy PROMOTING RR SAFETY and getting IDOT, etc., to stop letting the RR's kill and maim people with impunity. I'm sure you will never allow this to be posted---the Truth hurts, huh?

Eddie said...

I know what You mean buddy.
I am currently employed in the transportation industry as a Paratransit Driver. Between long hours behind the wheel, equipment that sometimes malfunctions, and the occasional wrongfully Angry and Abusive passenger or two...I also am faced with danger everyday.

It doesn't matter if You work on trains, occasionally an Idiot walks in front of My moving bus on foot without looking. I almost got rear ended at a railroad crossing in Elk Grove Village last week by a STUPID blonde lady driving a speeding S.U.V with a cell phone in her hand. She got mad and tooted Her horn at Me for stopping at the railroad crossing with My flashers on.
We are required to do so by law!

no matter what facette You may be employed in...transportation always has an element of danger to it. Please be careful.

Eddie K.
( P.S-No offense meant to blondes)

Anonymous said...

I agree with this man about safety issues. However...He makes it sound like the railroads are the badguys here. NOT entirely true.

What about those idiots that steer around downed crossing gates? How about that low class sleazy element that throws rocks and bottles at train crews?

Aside from the fact that this man definately sounds like a Non Railfan, He is entitled to an oppinion too.

Don't change a thing Eddie. I enjoy reading Your site and viewing Your photographs.