Friday, May 15, 2009

Silent Digital Video: Southbound electric streetcar. The Memphis Main Street Trolley. Memphis Tennesee USA. September 2007.

I photographed this silent digital video on a September 2007 vacation to the city of Memphis Tennesee. In recent years, the M.A.T.A -Memphis Area Transportation Authority, and the representatives at the Gomaco Corporation of Ida Grove Iowa, brought back historic and replica electric powered city streetcars to downtown Memphis Tennesee.

The blue car shown here, originally worked in the city of Melbourne Australia. Today it has been refurbished, and hauls commuters and tourists in Memphis Tennesee. Originally rebuilt with traditional spring loaded trolley poles, the M.A.T.A decided later on to re-equip them with a single Pantograph, so that the motorman wouldn't have to step out in busy traffic to raise the trolley pole to reverse direction.

This video was photographed looking east at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Main Stret.

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