Monday, May 11, 2009

CTA 1950's era 6000 series rapid transit cars at the Kimball Avenue terminal. Chicago Illinois USA. April 1986.

Chicago Transit Authority 1950's era 6000 series rapid transit car demoted to maintenance and snowplow service. Kimball Avenue terminal. Chicago Illinois. Early April 1986.

I took this photo at what is today, the Chicago Transit Authority's Kimball Avenue Brown line terminal at West Lawrence and North Kimball Avenues. Way back in April of 1986, this line was known as the Ravenswood Elevated Line. I had just finished riding aboard an all day chartered excursion that was being sponsored by the Illinois Railway Museum. Our museum chartered train was named
"The Snowflake Special", and had utilized 8 of the aging 6000 series lightweight rapid transit cars. These cars were in their last decade or so in service. A special bonus, was the two demoted yellow M.O.W / Maintenance Of Way Snowplow Service cars
that were coupled on to our train for the benefit of railfan photographs.

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