Friday, May 29, 2009

Digital Live Sound Video: Westbound BNSF Railway freight train. Western Springs Illinois USA. Early May 2009.

I photographed this digital live sound video on location at the Metra, Western Springs commuter rail station in Chicago's western suburbs near Hindsdale Illinois. The silence of a quiet and overcast springtime afternoon, is interupted by a speeding westbound BNSF Railway freight train.

Notice the recent addition to the train station. The village of Western Springs Illinois recently constructed a "Replica" of the old railroad crossing gate operators tower that originally stood here on the north or westbound platform at the train station. Prior to the invention of automated railroad crossing gates, railroad crossing gates were operated manually during most of the steam era.

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JacobChgo9 said...

Very good video, I am a railresidant of the town (Rail fan (shall i say geek)that lives here in the village)
Usualy on my freetime im in downtown wandering the platform..