Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Otis Oakley scrapyard on South Kedzie Avenue at West 31st Street. ( Gone.) Chicago Illinois USA. 1996.

The Otis Oakley scrapyard on South Kedzie Avenue between West 31st Street and West 30th Street. Chicago Illinois 1996. Dennis Madia photograph.

This photograph was contributed by one of My loyal blogsite readers, Mister Dennis Madia. I grew up in the very blue color and quiete industrial Little Village neighborhood on Chicago's near southwest side. I passed by this landmark on South Kedzie Avenue almost everyday while I lived in little Village...and never noticed or even photographed it. ( I am somewhat sorry now.)

This large metral scrapyard, was located on the west side of South Kedzie Avenue between West 30th and 31st Streets. It was located directly across West 31st Street from Wahburne Trade School. The years pass by, and many local businesses come and go over the course of time. Unfortunately....this was one of them.
Today, it is the site of a small outdoor strip mall with a branch bank.

Thanks for the old neighborhood memory Dennis.

Eddie K.

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