Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bedford Park switching local. March 1985.

When I was rediscovering several old 35 MM photographs that I had taken during the 1980's, It occured to Me, that not all of them were taken under pleasant personal circumstances. I was experiencing one of the worst years I had come to know when I had taken these in Bedford Park Illinois in March of 1985.
I was unemployed since January of 1985, and was experiencing numerous difficulties trying to find a "Job" of any kind. I was unemployed most of that rotten year. On this cloudy and damp late winter day, I had taken My camera along on an employment searching expedition. I did not find any work on this gloomy day, but I had got some nice working photos of the Belt Railway of Chicago in action. Seen here around west 73rd Street just west of South Cicero Avenue, an old EMD SW Series diesel switcher is working the local factory spur sidings in the Bedford Industrial Park. Trains that deliver and pick up cars from Industries are called "Switching Locals", or sometimes are even referred to as a "Pedler Freight".

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