Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chicago Transit Authority 4000 series rapid transit car. The Fox River Trolley Museum, South Elgin Illinois USA. September 1990.

This is a former Chicago Rapid Transit Company 1920's Vintage elevated rapid transit coach. I took this photograph on a September 1990 visit, to the Fox River Trolley Museum, located in South Elgin Illinois USA. This museum operates along the west bank of the Fox River along Route #31 . This is a scenic and pleasant place to visit with family on the weekends.

These multiple unit M.U electric coaches, operated along the Chicago Transit Authority's elevated rapid transit lines until retirement in 1973 and 74. Notice the "High Leval" loading doors and 3rd rail shoes on car trucks. These cars were operated with "Air Brakes", had flip over reversible seats, and the motorman even had a single chime "Air Whistle" to toot for leval crossings on certain rapid transit lines.

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