Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chicago Gravel Company # 18. View of April 1922 Alco Builders Plates. Bensenville Illinois USA. July 2006.

Seen here on the firemans side of the smokebox, is the April 1922 locomotive builders plates with serial number cast on.
The American Locomotive Company built Locomotives from the 1800's to the plants closing in 1969. The company was called ALCO for short abreviation.
This particulair steam locomotive, is an 0 -6 - 0 six wheel switching locomotive with a slope back tender for visibility. While on display since 1963 in Bensenville's Veterans Park, this locomotive was originally the "Studebaker" automobile factory switch locomotive in South Bend Indianna USA. After the Studebaker plant didn't need it anymore, it was sold to the Chicago Gravel Company for use at their quarry in South Elgin Illinois. The Chicago Gravel Company preserved and had did a cosmetic restoration performed on # 18 prior to it's 1963 donation to the city of Bensenville Illinois .

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