Monday, August 07, 2006

Eastbound Pace bus in blue color scheme. Grand and 75th Avenues in Elmwood Park Illinois. June 2006.

I took this photograph on the way to work one morning, while I was stopping for gasoline at the Grand Avenue Citgo Station. Seen here stopping for passengers at 75th and Grand Avenue in the suburban village of Elmwood Park Illinois, is a Pace bus painted in a new blue color scheme introduced in 2005. I was told from one pace driver I am good friends with, that the blue scheme honors an old pace predescessor company known as the "West Towns Bus Company" who's buses wore a dark blue and white color scheme in pre 1974 times. I have seen these blue pace buses systemwide and in use on several "Non" former West Towns bus lines in the greater Chicagoland Area.

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