Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chicago Gravel Company # 18. Veterans Park. Bensenville Illinois USA. July 2006.

A very special and happy railfan memory happened to Me on a visit to suburban Bensenville Illinois , near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. This locomotive is located along Main Street near Church Road in Bensenville's Veterans Park. This was a right time / right place situation, as a working park district employee gave Me permission to come inside the Chain Link Fence and take pictures. These are some rare "Behind the scenes" or perhaps "Behind the fence" photographs I had the pleasure of taking in July of 2006. Seen in the right hand corner of the photograph, is a preserved "Water Spout" used for refilling steam locomotive tenders. I have prior photographs of Chicago Gravel Company # 18, but not from inside the surrounding fence. I want to extend a special thanks to the people working for the Bensenville Park District. Come on Railfans and Gricers alike! Lets give them a round of applause! Bravo!

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Iain said...

That's a neat picture and it's nice to think that they let you 'inside the wire'. We had literally hundreds of 0-6-0 classes in the UK - that was the most common 'road' freight layout until about 1950 - but almost all of ours were inside cylinder. In fact the only outside cylinder 0-6-0's I can think of with Walschaert's valve gear were nicknamed 'USA Tanks'