Monday, August 14, 2006

Southbound CTA Orange Line train at the Roosevelt Road Station. May 2006.

I took this photograph in May of 2006, in the southern section of downtown Chicago. Seen here stopping for rush hour commuters, is a Chicago Transit Authority "Orange Line" rapid transit train heading to Chicago's Midway Airport. Notice the Blue circulair logo wich was introduced in 2005 just below the motormans cab.


lapstrake said...

Nice "worm's eye" view of the commuter train. It shows the condition of the paint of the elevated structure. Remember when Mayor Jane Byrne had all of them painted white (along with the city trucks)? It looked good for about two weeks then it just looked dirty.

Eddie said...

I guess that it is for economic reasons, that the CTA Elevated structures, and even the bridges downtown over the Chicago River, are nowadays painted in "Primer" colors. The Chicago river bridges are a Rust / Dark Red primer, while the CTA elevated lines are mostly in a pale sandy yellow primer color. (I think its Ugly.)

Thank You.