Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chicago Transit Authority "Skokie Swift" / Yellow Line right of way at Oakton Street. Skokie Illinois USA. August 2006.

This photograph was taken by Me, looking south from Oakton Street in downtown Skokie Illinois in August of 2006. This CTA Rapid Transit line, is the formerly known as the "Skokie Swift". This short 4 Mile electric railroad line opened in April of 1964. This line was once part of the abandoned Chicago,North Shore, and Milwaukee electric Interurban "Skokie Valley" mainline. The North Shore Line went Bankrupt and out of business in January of 1963. The CTA bought out this small segment of the old Skokie Valley interurban mainline, and redeveloped it for Rapid Transit service. This line runs between Dempster Street in the village of Skokie Illinois, and Howard Street in the city of Evanston Illinois. Prior to the summer of 2004, the Village of Skokie had an Ordinace outlawing "Third Rail" for fear of pedestrian Electrocution Accidents. From 1963 to 2004, The Skokie section of this rail line used overhead catenary wires.
In 2004, the CTA was finally allowed to convert the line to 100% Third Rail operation. The old overhead North Shore catenary towers are still standing for now. as the Third Rail seen on the right of the photograph provides the Electric Power to the CTA Yellow Line.


lapstrake said...


Are the wood boards standing on edge in the foreground supposed to prevent people from walking down the tracks? I've never noticed those before.

Eddie said...

Hi Tom!
Yes, these are safety guards to prevent people from walking onto the right of way, especially in Third Rail Territory.