Friday, August 04, 2006

Kettle Moraine Scenic Railway steam locomotive # 9. Northlake Wisconsin. June 1985.

I took this picture in Northlake Wisconsin, wich is 20 miles northwest of the city of Milwaukee.
This is a tourist railroad that has unfortunately since "Closed". The Kettle Moraine Scenic Railroad was a leisurely branch line railroad operating in a small country town through the woods. This was My one and only visit I made to this excursion railroad line. I didn't own My first car yet at this point in time. When I finally did six years later, none of My used cars were in shape for a drive of that magnitude, and My day job wasn't paying Me enough to cover my fuel costs for a long drive like that, so I eventually "Quit". I kept meaning to eventually go back to this tourist railroad, but it eventually closed. I do remember engine # 9 was actually fitted with two different steam whistles on My visit in 1985.

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