Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Frosted Mug Drive In Restaurant. West 116th Street and South Pulaski Road. Alsip Illinois. July 1986.

I frequently rode the CTA Route # 52A South Kedzie bus line during the 1980's. In the year 1985, the Chicago Sun Times newspaper did a feature article on surviving 1950's era Drive In Restaurants that were still in the Chicagoland area. (There were only a small handfull.) One of the few they mentioned was the "Frosted Mug" at 116th Street and Pulaski Road in the Village of Alsip Illinois. This drive in was practically down the street from the bus turnaround terminal at 115th and Springfield Avenue. I soon found Myself taking the route # 52A South Kedzie Bus from the North Terminal at West 63rd Place and South Kedzie Avenue, to the end of the line at 115th and Springfield. The Frosted Mug was a fun destination for this Bus traveler. I didn't own My first car until 1991. This place has since been rebuilt and expanded. They even have their own Website http://www.thefrostedmug.com/ /The Frosted Mug drive in trips soon evolved into long walks through Alsip to railfan and photograph the Indianna Harbor Belt Railroad at 123rd Street, and visit Apollo Park on Kostner Avenue. Alsip was definately a favorite "Landmark and Destination" during My bus riding days.

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