Friday, August 18, 2006

Eastbound CTA Route # 60 Blue Island bus passing the Cook County Jail. Chicago Illinois USA. June 2006.

This is a scene I had photographed from the Little Village Neighborhood, on Chicago's near southwest side. This scene was photographed on West 26th Street looking southwest toward South Sacramento Avenue. The large institutional complex behind the bus is the Infamous Cook County Jail located at West 26th Street and South California Avenue. The grassy area along the curb, is the Runaround Track for the now somewhat abandoned former Illinois Northern Railroad. I grew up in this blue collar industrial neighborhood. I lived west of here, first at Spaulding Avenue, and from 1975 to 1990, I had lived on South Kedzie Avenue. I had seen many changes here both Ethnic and Economic.
Although I have absolutely no intentions of ever moving back, it was good to see the area again.

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tlee169 said...

The International Harvester McCormick Works was across Calfornia Avenue to the East and IH owned the IN. By the 1960's the McCormick works had been torn down and the rails ended near this photo scene.