Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Belt Railway of Chicago ALCO C-425 Roadswitchers. March 1985.

This photograph was taken on a ready track of some sort, at the Belt Railway of Chicago's Clearing Yard near Chicago's Midway Airport. I was actually chasing "Help Wanted" ads in the Chicago Sun Times newspaper on this day. I had taken this photo of two 1966 Vintage ALCO
(American Locomotive Company) C-425 Century Series roadswitchers with a caboose. Alco diesel locomotives were built at their Schenectedy New York factory until 1969 when the Company went out of business. Most U.S railroads had retired their remaining Alco diesels by the Mid to Late 1970's. The Berlt Railway of Chicago ran theirs until 1999. Alcos in Chicago during the 1980's were a real pleasure to behold. Thank You BRC. I attempted to find work on the Belt Railway, but they too were having a hiring freeze in 1985.

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