Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jed's Texaco. Corner of South Kedzie Avenue and West 27th Street. Chicago Illinois USA. Late March 1986.

Many of My southbound Chicago Transit Authority Bus rides began here at this corner in My old neighborhood I grew up in. Seen here in the Little Village Neighborhood on Chicago's near southwest side, is an old 1940's /50's vintage Texaco Gasoline Station. I had recieved word via the Chicago Sun Times Newspaper that "Texaco Gasoline Stations" were going to be leaving the State of Illinois. I Immediately got out My camera and took a few snap shots of "Jed's Texaco" across the street from My house. I am so glad I did! One Month later...It had changed hands and the old fashioned Texaco banjo shaped sign was "Painted over". The old neighborhood Texaco Station was one of My personal favorite Landmarks, and a starting point for many of My bus riding Destinations on the southside. The old gas station office building is gone today, and the Garage is now a private Auto Repair shop in 2006.


lapstrake said...

I remember stations like this! They actually pumped the gas for you and serviced cars too. I wish I could get one of those old signs -- I'll keep looking.

George Apel said...

i worked at this station in the 60's. I would like to hear from
the guy that leaved there. my e mail
george, from mo.