Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chicago Transit Authority 1983 Canadian Flyer transit coach at West 115th Street and South Springfield Avenue.Chicago Illinois. July 1986.

Hello everyone!
Welcome to "Bus Day" here at Eddie's Railfan Page. Todays installment entitled "Bus Day" usually features photographs of different models of transit and highway buses. Today I have decided to do something "Different", and show You some of My favorite "Landmarks and Destinations" That I knew and loved while I had travelled by transit bus during the 1980's. I visited many neighborhoods - Shopping Districts -Restaurants -Parks -Libraries -and fun places. I did not own My first car until 1991, and up till then had seen Chicago and many surrounding suburban areas via public transportation. Do You remember "Paper Transfers" or "Bus Tokens"? How about the days when drivers actually "Announced" the upcoming stop? It was a much different environment back then indeed. The field behind the bus turnaround terminal, was actually the "Last Farm" in the City of Chicago. It is now part of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences in 2006.

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