Wednesday, August 30, 2006

View of Chicago Gravel Company # 18 Locomotive Cab. Bensenville Illinois USA. July 2006.

Talk about a lucky day to be outside on location with a camera.
I was passing by this steam locomotive on display in Veterans Park, wich is normally behind a chain link fence and off limits to the public -Unless by scheduled guided tour.
The gate surrounding the engines display area was open, and a park district worker was attending to the grass and plant life.
I asked the worker very nicely if I could come inside and take a closer look. To My pleasant surprise he said -"Sure. Just be carefull sir. Take as many photos as You like". Upon that Invitation, I began to take photographs of a park display engine who's view is normally obstructed by a chain link fence. I even got to sit inside the cab and take some behind the scenes pictures. I am sitting in the firemans seat looking at the engineers area. The rope seen hanging from the cab roof is hooked up to the bell. However...upon pulling it, no sound. It may have been hooked up to ring the bell years ago, but complaints from residents proboubly made them weld the swinging bell shut. Seen protruding out of the firebox door, is a special metal bar used for cleaning and spreading hot coals in the locomotives firebox. The many locomotive guages and controls can be seen on the drivers side.

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