Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Autum along the north branch of the Chicago River. Wilmette Illinois USA. October 2009.

Autum along the north branch of the Chicago River. Wilmette Illinois. October 2009.

Hello everyone!
Welcome aboard Eddie's Railfan Page from the city of Chicago Illinois USA.

Yes folks, once again it is Autum here in the greater Chicagoland area, and unfortunately....October has been constantly cold, damp, rainy and overcast so far.

I took this photo yesterday during My lunchbreak on a pleasantly mild and sunny Monday, October 19th 2009. With bright sunshine, Autum colors and an outside temperature of 60 Degrees Farenheight, I took My camera on location to north suburban Wilmette Illinois. We are looking north from the Maple Avenue bridge over the north branch of the Chicago River. The trees along this waterway are begining to turn colors nicely. In the background can be seen the Linden Avenue bridge.
The bridge here on Maple Avenue, has a plaque on it that has a construction year date of 1908. It is well maintained and still in service here many decades after it was constructed.

North suburban Wilmette Illinois, is a throwback to Victorian times with the brick streets, old buildings and vintage streetlamps along the thoroughfares.

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