Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The front entry door stairway light on 2001 Ford paratransit bus #5580/ Glenview Illinois USA. October 2009.

The front door stairway light on 2001 Ford paratransit bus # 5580. Glenview Illinois. October 2009.

I took this photo one morning in October of 2009, shortly after I had clocked in to begin My shift at 6:00 AM. It is very dark outside this early in the morning during October when Myself and My fellow drivers are performing our mandatory pre trip vechicle inspections outside. It looks every bit like midnight, wich is one of the reasons We wear reflective safety vests.

Seen here is the front stairway light. Many times when We are working late during that time of the year with short daylight hours. It is important that the front entry door stairway is illuminated, as this help insure safe boarding and departing from our bus fleet.

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