Monday, October 12, 2009

The original Mount Pindos Restaurant at the intersection of South Archer Avenue and Pulaski Road. Chicago Illinois USA. May 1986.

The original Mount Pindo's restaurant. Chicago Illinois. May 1986.

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I attended Chicago's Curie High School (Out of view across Archer Avenue to the right) from 1977 to 1981. During My Junior and Senior years at Curie High School, I would occasionly eat lunch across the street at the original Mount Pindos Restaurant shown here.

Mount Pindos was a friendly 1950's era street corner coffee shop restaurant, located at the northeast corner of South Archer Avenue and Pulaski Road, in Chicago's Archer Heights neighborhood near Midway Airport. The hot coffee, delicious breakfast entrees and of course My personal favorite "The Barbecue Beef sandwich", was always welcome at lunchtime. The prices were relatively reasonable too for this tight teenage budget imposed by My parents.

At the time of this photo, the old restaurant building shown here was gradually being prepared for an upcoming demolition. The new Mount Pindos building was already under construction behind the old building on this May 1986 visit.

The Chicago Transit Authority's 1970's era GMC TDH series Fishbowl windshield buses like the one shown here, were retired from service ten years later in 1996.

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winslow said...

Been there many times. Remember stopping once on the Archer bus route to the New Years Celebration downtown.