Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I spotted this electric trolleybus photo from the city of Boston Massachusettes USA at My link page Tom's Trolleybus Pictures, located to the right of Your computer screen at www.trolleybuses.net

The city of Boston Massachusettes and their MTA transit system just like Chicago, Los Angeles and many other citties in North America, operated electric trolleybuses on some surface transportation routes. Boston and a few other North American citties, kept theirs going. They are alive and well today in Boston.

This old photo taken in 1971, shows an old late 1940's era Pulman Standard electric trolley bus from the Boston MTA, sitting at a bus storage facility.

Notice the doors at an unusual location on the left or driver's side of the bus, halfway through the bus body. The Boston trolleybuses, also shared subway tunnels with the Boston streetcar subway. This allowed passengers to board or disembark at subway stations.

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