Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fellow Chicago historians meet. Tuesday, September 27th, 2011.

This past Tuesday, Myself and some friends went out for pizza at Danny's Pizza on South Archer Avenue in Chicago's Garfield Ridge neighborhood.

After working an exhausting long day driving a paratransit bus in Chicago's northern Cook County suburbs, and then driving a good 30 miles or so to the southwest side of Chicago, I had the distinct honor and privlidge of meeting Mr. Robert Pitunjac from the Clear Ridge Historical Society of Chicago.

Robert had discovered Eddie's Railfan Page on the internet quiete some time ago, and began to corrospond with Me via E Mail back in August of this year.

Robert and Myself have many things in common regarding our great admiration of local Chicago history, and We have been learniing a lot about the southwest side of Chicago, wich is a geographic area of the city from wich We came from.

Robert has sent Me many nice historic old photos of the southwest side of Chicago recently, wich were posted in Eddie's Railfan Page.

The photos of Chicago's long gone Playland Park in Justice Illinois, were greatly appreciated as well.

The Clear Ridge Historical Society, wich focuses primarilly on the Clearing and Garfield Ridge neighborhoods of Chicago surrounding Midway Airport, is based out of the nearby Clearing Branch of The Chicago Public Library.

Thanks Robert.
It's an honor and privlidge meeting You.

Eddie K.

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