Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I was born in the city of Chicago Illinois during the year of 1962.

The Chicago Transit Authority, began operations on November 1st, 1947, with the intentions of phasing out the remaining electric streetcar system and replacing the
trolley cars with motor buses.

Begining during the late 1940's and carrying on throughout the 1950's, the CTA had ordered several propane powered transit buses from the Twin Coach Company of Kent Ohio, and the succesor company Flxible Twin Coach Company.

The 1940's era Twin Coach Comapany propane buses, had somewhat tall windows and vents on the roof. The later buses from the Flxible Twin Coach Comapany, had smaller windows. I can vaguelly recall, that these buses had two tone green interiors, Green soft vinyl seats, and individual incadescent interior lights. These buses operated relatively quietly, but were prone to rough idling and slow acceleration.

I grew up with these buses, and rode them with My family, during their final years of operation on Chicago city streets. The CTA began retiring these in the early 1970's. The very last one, was retired as a maintenance work bus in 1974.

Eddie K.

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