Friday, September 30, 2011

Playland Park. (Gone) Justice Illinois USA.

This photo was ent to Me recently, by Mr. Robert Pitunjac of the Clear Ridge Historical Society of Chicago.

One of My all time favorite amusement parks that once existed in the greater Chicagoland area, was Playland Park in southwest suburban Justice Illinois. I went there with My family a handful of times during the 1970's. before the park had closed in 1979.

One of My favorite rides in the park, was "The Mad Mouse Roller Coaster" shown here in this vintage black and white photo.

The Mad Mouse Roller Coaster, was a unique one car roller coaster rail ride, with very sharp overhanging curves, and lots of sudden dips and short climbs.

The Mad Mouse Roller Coaster, was located in the northwest corner of Playland Park.

During the park's last year or so in business, the mad mouse was taken out of service, more than likely pending an accident investigation at the park.

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