Monday, September 26, 2011

The Marquette Movie Theatre building on West 63rd Street at South Kedzie Avenue. (Gone.) Chicago Illinois USA. March 1986.

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I took this now historic photo from the southwest side of Chicago, way back in March of 1986.

Time is running out for the Marquette Movie Theatre building on West 63rd Street and South Kedzie Avenue, in Chicago's Marquette Park neighborhood.

The glory days had ended in recent years for this classic neighborhood movie theatre building with many local neighborhood business tenants, with their stores and upstairs offices.

With the arrival of neighborhood video rental stores, a lack of adequete parking, and fewer people attending movie showings at the theatres during the 1980's, the Marquette Theatre indeed fell on hard times.

In later years, the building would become poorly maintained, pidgeons would roost on the upper ledges of the building, and rodent infestations would occur as well.

At the time of this photo in March of 1986, the eventual demolition of this building was made clear, and the various local business tenenats would recieve their eviction notices.

The Marquette Movie Theatre building, was demolished the following year in August of 1987.

Eddie K.

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Pat From Tampa ( said...

Thanks for posting this. I grew up down behind the synagogue at 66th and Kedzie. My mother would bring me to the Marquette Theater on Saturdays to see kids' movie double features with cartoons between them. I left Chicago in 1965, at age eight. Part of my heart never left.